Workshops  2019

Workshops are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated

St. Paul Lutheran Church

1427 W Lake Avenue, Peoria, IL 61614

Workshop Doors Unlock 8:30 am    Relock: 9:15 am

Arrange to call a friend to let you in after 9:15 am.  You can leave at any time, but the door will lock behind you.

Gems Workshops & Education 2019

Bringing you “The All Star Gems of the Guild”

Gems Workshops & Education are of focused on showcasing our own Gems members

July 20–Sue Krause “Great Set’s”

This is a design workshop 

You will learn:

• To take orphan blocks, blocks from exchanges, blocks that you don’t know what to do with, etc., and put them together in pleasing arrangements
• Help others and have others help you with design ideas
• Use colors to change the look of designs
• Learn how to take blocks that aren’t “perfect” and correct them to make it easier to use in a great quilt.


Signup starts at the June meeting.
September 21–To Be Announced
October 19–To Be Announced

Workshop General Information Thanks for joining us at a Gem’s workshop!  They are always a lot of fun and  a great way to learn new skills and to get know other Gem’s members.  A handout with specific list of items to bring for individual workshop will be provided after you sign up for the workshop.If is is a “sewing workshop” Gems will provide:  Extension cords, irons, starch, communal cutting mats, thread catcher sacks.

You will need to Bring:  Sewing  machine, cords, scissors, rulers,  rotary cutter, seam ripper, thread, extra bobbins, extra needles, pins.  Optional items: Marking chalk, pencil, or marker, comfortable chair, task lighting, water bottle.

Beverages:  There is a vending machine for  soda ($.50 — Quarters only).  Snacks:  You may bring your own snacks — any extras to share  are always welcome!

Lunch:  you may bring your own (refrigerator is available) or  go out to nearby restaurants

Questions.…please use the “Contact Us” Tab.  Your question will be forwarded to the Workshop Chairperson.


Save the Date!  November 1st & 2nd

November To Remember—a Gems Tradition!

Mystery Workshop Quilts Completed and Displayed at the Gems of the Prairie Quilt Show