Workshops  2019

Workshops are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated

St. Paul Lutheran Church

1427 W Lake Avenue, Peoria, IL 61614

Monthly Workshop Doors Unlock 8:30 am    Relock: 9:15 am

Arrange to call a friend to let you in after 9:15 am.  You can leave at any time, but the door will lock behind you.

Gems Workshops & Education 2019

Bringing you “The Gems of the Guild”

Gems Workshops & Education are of focused on showcasing our own Guilds Talents, educating our members and support our serve projects.

Workshops start this year on International Quilt Day March 16 with the service workshop Make Someone Happy!

March 16 – Make Someone Happy–Service Chairs Time:  9am-4pm

Cost: $Nothing  Your time & Talent Priceless   Lunch: on your own

The Chairs of Center for Prevention of Abuse, NICU and St Jude will provide work for the Gems Members to come together and sew to Make Someone Happy.  Bring your sewing machine and supporting tools.  If you remember the song…it ends with “you will be happy, too!”  Sign up starting in January.

April 13 – It’s Your Bag, Do What You Wanna Do. – Laurie Schierer

Cost:  $15

The April workshop will focus on bag making. Laurie has been making bags, purses, wallets for years and will share her experiences and tips how to make outstanding bags.

May 18 –  To the Tee & Beyond   – Jeanette Hillyer

Cost:  TBD*

The May workshop presenter Jeannette Hillyer, the 2018 quilt show ribbon winner, will conduct a workshop to help you plan and be successful creating a Tee shirt quilt that you can be proud of.

June 15 -To Be Announced

July 20–To Be Announced

September 21–To Be Announced

October 19–To Be Announced

November 1& 2nd November To Remember

Other workshops being considered included making pin cushions and needle keepers, fabric surface work such as fabric painting and making successful scrap quilts.

*Please note, the Gems Workshops are not subsidized, this means we must recoup the cost of the workshop so there will always be a fee. Because of this if we do not have enough signed up to cover costs, there is a strong possibility a workshop will be cancelled.  Please refer to the guild’s policies for further information on the costs.

Questions.…please use the “Contact Us” Tab.  Your question will be forwarded to the Workshop Chairperson.

General Information 
Thanks for joining us at a Gem’s workshop!  They are always a lot of fun and  a great way to learn new skills and to get know other Gem’s members.  Gems will provide:  Extension cords, irons, starch, communal cutting mats, thread catcher sacks.  You will need to Bring:  Sewing  machine, cords, scissors, rulers,  rotary cutter, seam ripper, thread, extra bobbins, extra needles, pins.  Optional items: Marking chalk, pencil, or marker, comfortable chair, task lighting, water bottle.  Beverages:  We provide coffee. There is a vending machine for  soda ($.50 — Quarters only).  Snacks:  You may bring your own snacks — any extras to share  are always welcome!
Lunch:  you may bring your own (refrigerator is available) or  go out to nearby restaurants
Mystery Workshop Quilts Completed and Displayed at the Gems of the Prairie Quilt Show

 Quilt of Valor Workshop

March 19, 2016                Mystery Quilt Party–a few pictures!

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