November to Remember

The Royal Quilt Retreat

Dates: November 3rd & 4th, 2017

Time: 5 pm Friday to 4pm Saturday

Location: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Theme: The Royal Quilt Retreat

Penny Mallow, Erin Norton & Sarah Swank

Registration to begin at the August Meeting!

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom so far away, there lived a group of beautiful Princesses just waiting for the Royal Announcement of the long awaited…

November to Remember

Disney Princess Celebration.

The Royal Quilt Retreat will be held:
November 3 at 5:30 until November 4 at 3:30
All Royal Activities will be held at the Famous Castle of:
St. Paul Lutheran Church
The Cost to attend the Royal Event: $35
Signups to attend this
Royal Event begin: Aug. 2, 2017
Royal attire is not required but is



Workshop Pictures!

March 19, 2016 Mystery Workshop Quilts Completed and Displayed at the Gems of the Prairie Quilt Show

April 16, 2016                  Quilt of Valor Workshop

March 19, 2016                Mystery Quilt Party–a few pictures!


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