You must check in your quilts for the show on Friday, September 26th between 3 and 5 PM. The only exception to this is for workers who are working set up. They may check their quilts in at 2 o’clock on Friday so that they will be available to do their job setting up the show and hanging quilts.

Please have your quilts properly prepared for check-in before you arrive at the Civic Center. If your quilt needs a sleeve, please have the sleeve attached. You will find directions for sleeves and information about what quilts require a sleeve in the newsletter or on the Gem’s website. Also please have your quilt folded correctly so that the back of the lower right hand corner (as you face the front of the quilt) is on the top as per our demonstrations at the meeting or the written directions below. Your quilt will be folded wrong side out.

Directions for folding quilts

Face the front of your quilt. If it is directional, be sure the top of the quilt is on the top. Fold up the lower right hand corner and put a small safety pin on that corner. Now fold your quilt so the pin is on top. Hand the quilt to the volunteer with the pin on top when checking in. The hangtag will be put here. If you have any questions, please call Paulette Purcell (633-0803) or Barb Crowson (697-5602).

When you arrive at the Civic Center proceed to the envelope table to get the envelope with the hangtags in it. You will then be sent to one of the volunteers to check you in and attach the hangtags. You will be asked to sign your envelope to verify what quilts you have checked in.


Quilts will be checked out in numerical order. Starting at 2 o’clock on Sunday, you may go to the volunteer table and pick up a number. When the show closes, quilts will be taken down and brought to the check out area to be sorted by quilter. All quilts must be taken down and accounted for before any quilts will be returned. This takes some time so please be patient. When your number is called, proceed to the table to get your envelope. Then go to the next available volunteer to be checked out. Your quilts will be brought to you and you will again be asked to sign to verify that all of your quilts have been returned. If you are having someone else pick up you quilts, you must either leave a note signed by you in your envelope when you drop your quilts off on Friday or they must bring a signed note on Sunday.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation. Paulette Purcell and Barb Crowson