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Gems of the Prairie Quilters is for quilters of all skill levels from Peoria and the surrounding area.  The monthly meetings consist of a program, which can be a lecture or demonstration, committee reports of upcoming events, optional block exchanges, other guild activities and show and tell.


Throughout the year, work is done on service projects and annual raffle quilt.  Monthly workshops, quilt challenges and round robins are offered to members as a means of developing and improving quilting skills.  Some of the workshops are devoted to service projects while others are given by members or by well-known teachers.  Gems puts on an annual quilt show the last weekend of September that showcases 400-500 quilts.


Gems of the Prairie Quilters was established in 1990 and is conducted on a not-for-profit basis.  The purpose of this organization is to:

Contribute to the knowledge of and to promote the appreciation of fine quilts;

Encourage quilt making and collecting;

Contribute to the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns, history and quilt makers through the education of members and the community through member-supported community services.


New members are always welcome!  Membership is $30, and includes meetings, monthly newsletter, many guild activities, reduced cost for workshops and friendship with other quilters. Please come visit!


MEANDERINGS from our President…….

As I sit composing this letter, we are preparing yet again for another Gems quilt show.  At newsletter time last month, we had 114 entries registered.  Today there are more than 450 entered including bed turning!  That is marvelous!  I am very excited today and am looking forward to the show.  Yet again our members step up to the challenge to make sure our quilt show is a huge success.  The quilt show is where we show the community how talented our members are and how dedicated they are to helping our community with charitable activities.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the show in a few days.


Last month our meeting was very informative and interesting.  We sure saw a lot of quilts! It was neat to learn new techniques and about a married couple who complement each other with their passionate creativity and artful piecing and quilting!


Recently, I was out of town; we took a trip to Michigan to visit relatives.   In the town of Charlevoix, Michigan, there was a small quilt shop near the bay where many beautiful yachts are stored.  The little shop always had neat, new ideas and colorful fabrics.  I was excited that we were going there for a short trip, but much to my dismay the shop had closed recently.  I was sad! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy visiting other areas and quilt shops for new and energizing ideas. They always seem to have different things than our home shops!


We will be able to see all the winning quilts from our quilt show at the September meeting.  Please try to attend!


Until next time, please keep quilting!


Your GEMS President,

Jean Cullum