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About Gems of the Prairie Quilters


Gems of the Prairie Quilters is for quilters of all skill levels from Peoria and the surrounding area.  The monthly meetings consist of a program, which can be a lecture or demonstration, committee reports of upcoming events, optional block exchanges, other guild activities and show and tell.


Throughout the year, work is done on service projects and annual raffle quilt.  Monthly workshops, quilt challenges and round robins are offered to members as a means of developing and improving quilting skills.  Some of the workshops are devoted to service projects while others are given by members or by well-known teachers.  Gems puts on an annual quilt show the last weekend of September that showcases 400-500 quilts.


Gems of the Prairie Quilters was established in 1990 and is conducted on a not-for-profit basis.  The purpose of this organization is to:

Contribute to the knowledge of and to promote the appreciation of fine quilts;

Encourage quilt making and collecting;

Contribute to the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns, history and quilt makers through the education of members and the community through member-supported community services.


New members are always welcome!  Membership is $30, and includes meetings, monthly newsletter, many guild activities, reduced cost for workshops and friendship with other quilters. Please come visit!



The end of summer has left us with many memories of family gatherings, vacation enjoyment, etc.  We are at the beginning of the Holiday season!  I am sure many of you look forward to this time of year.  Many of you are busy making your gifts of quilts, wall hangings, stockings, etc. And of course, the weather brings some challenges as the temperature is forever changing from day to day!


We can look forward to our November meeting and the giving of our Quilts of Valor to some deserving military personnel.  This will be an emotional time for all of us as we have all been touched by family members or someone we know who have served to protect our freedoms.  I hope you all enjoyed our October speaker and learned about the fabrics, quilting, and colors of the 1930’s!  It was very informative.  It is amazing to me how the powers that be can identify the colors and types of fabrics that came from the 30’s.  I found some of them when I was going through some boxes at my mom’s recently!  They seem to have their own characteristics! They were from dresses she had made from that period.


Please remember to sign up for the Christmas party in December.  That will be a fun time and it is always exciting when the winning ticket is pulled for the raffle quilt. Being the seller of the winning ticket a few years ago, it is always so suspenseful to see if you know the winner!  Also exciting is seeing if it goes to one of our members!


Happy Sewing!!


Your GEMS President,

Jean Cullum