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Gems of the Prairie Quilters is for quilters of all skill levels from Peoria and the surrounding area.  The monthly meetings consist of a program, which can be a lecture or demonstration, committee reports of upcoming events, optional block exchanges, other guild activities and show and tell.


Throughout the year, work is done on service projects and annual raffle quilt.  Monthly workshops, quilt challenges and round robins are offered to members as a means of developing and improving quilting skills.  Some of the workshops are devoted to service projects while others are given by members or by well-known teachers.  Gems puts on an annual quilt show the last weekend of September that showcases 400-500 quilts.


Gems of the Prairie Quilters was established in 1990 and is conducted on a not-for-profit basis.  The purpose of this organization is to:

Contribute to the knowledge of and to promote the appreciation of fine quilts;

Encourage quilt making and collecting;

Contribute to the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns, history and quilt makers through the education of members and the community through member-supported community services.


New members are always welcome!  Membership is $30, and includes meetings, monthly newsletter, many guild activities, reduced cost for workshops and friendship with other quilters. Please come visit!


MEANDERINGS from our President…….

We are looking to the beginning of August!  It is a very busy time of the year, vacations, etc. It is especially busy this year for our members who will be entering quilts in the show which is a month earlier this year.  There are 114 entries as I write this letter.  We need a lot more than that to fill the hall at the Civic Center.  The committee is busy completing the final details for vendors, set up and our special exhibit.  We have several nominations for Gem of the Year, if you want your nomination to be considered please hurry and send it along to me as an email or text by the 19th.

Our July program was great!  It is always nice to have our members displaying their talent and sharing information.  I always learn a lot of new things at those presentations. The Show and Tell time sure displayed a lot of unique and varied quilts.  Some of which I am sure will be in the show, and we will get to see them again.

Don’t forget to sign up as a volunteer for the quilt show, we need a lot of worker bees to make the show a success.

In August before the Quilt Show, we will have a special event for our August meeting, Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio.  He will speak in changes of quilting and designing.  He is a great teacher.  So don’t wait, sign up for some of the workshops by going to our website.

Hope you are all having a great summer and see you soon!

Our cheer for the next few weeks should be:



Your GEMS President,

Jean Cullum